Joseph Thou Wast Chosen

The carpenter stood with quiet concentration As The Child ran about With your wife calling unto you With the comfort of a shout - Your hands indeed they toil much As you place the boards In precise positions with measurement So was your work for the Lord - Oh Joseph thou wast chosen For the … Continue reading Joseph Thou Wast Chosen


Redemption In This Child

Mary beckoned to Joseph one day I carry a conceived soul in my womb With rejoice I accepted and now say Blessed be the Name of The Lord And indeed, him just, sought to put her away For fear he felt in his heart But an angel arrived to prepare God's way Through a dream, … Continue reading Redemption In This Child

EUTEOTW: In Doctrine, Uncorrupt

"In all things shewing thyself a pattern of good works: in doctrine, shewing uncorruptness, gravity, sincerity" (Titus 2:7) A statement and affirmation of the Christian doctrine, and in particular, Southern Baptist confessions of faith, In Doctrine, Uncorrupt is a compilation of twenty five articles: featuring topics such as abortion, homosexuality, religious liberty, theology, notable clergy/lay … Continue reading EUTEOTW: In Doctrine, Uncorrupt

EUTEOTW: Thankworthiness to The Father

    That we may walk worthy in Him Fruitful ever bearing The sanctified fern A gracious limb ---- Partakers of inheritance Light, sustenance breed Partitioning to the saints brilliance A regeneration from Adam’s seed ---- Delivered from the power Of darkness, gray with musk Translated into the Kingdom Showering rays from dawn to dusk … Continue reading EUTEOTW: Thankworthiness to The Father

St. John Paul II, Poland, and Encountering Saints

Image from Wikimedia Commons.  JPII at Old Yankee Stadium in NY, 1979. EPIC Radio has the unique opportunity to acquire an FM radio station in Wake Forest.  Help us get it on the air!  Click here for more info. “Each man in all the unrepeatable reality of what he is and what he does, of … Continue reading St. John Paul II, Poland, and Encountering Saints

EUTEOTW: In Doctrine, Uncorrupt

    The first book written by Matthew Pope, “In Doctrine, Uncorrupt,” is a compilation of articles published on February 15, 2014. Featuring nearly 30 articles, it contains a series of writings composed while writing for his home church's newsletter at Northside Baptist Church in Wilmington, North Carolina. Monthly articles, each pertains to a Christian … Continue reading EUTEOTW: In Doctrine, Uncorrupt