EPIC Radio 103.5FM

EPIC Radio, Inc is a tax exempt organization.
EIN: 83-1695895
EPIC Radio’s IRS Determination Letter
All donations are tax deductible.

EPIC Radio 103.5FM is now on the air in Wake Forest and has live, interactive, and compelling Catholic talk radio from Relevant Radio!  You can check out our line of of programs to the right.

To have your event announced on the Community Calendar, click here.

Will you help us keep Catholic radio in Wake Forest?  Please, donate now!

If you are a business and would like to support 103.5FM and in return have advertising on our programs,please contact the station’s general manager, Matthew Handley at mhandley@weareepic.org.

Your donation of just $10 a month or more will help keep Catholic radio in our community! Click here to donate now!

Thank you all so much for your support and God bless you!

Our FM station reaches 75,000 souls!
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