Public File

EPIC Radio Inc operates a low-power FM (LPFM) radio station in Wake Forest, NC. LPFM stations are not required to maintain a public file with the Federal Communications Commission. In an effort to comply with various internal regulations which govern EPIC Radio Inc., WFNE-LP,, the EPIC Radio Network, and their respective operations, and in the spirit of transparency, we make a significant amount of information and documentation about the organization available here for public access and download.

FCC Documentation

WFNE-LP License

IRS Documentation

IRS Determination Letter
Annual Filings

Certifications and Disclosures

EPIC Radio Inc certifies that it has obtained proper rights and permissions to air all programming on WFNE-LP Wake Forest and on its streaming platform.

In the spirit of transparency, EPIC Radio Inc discloses business relationships that it maintains with other, unrelated organizations.

EPIC Radio Inc has a contractual relationship with the following organizations:
– Relevant Radio; Lincolnshire, Illinois, USA
– Il Dicastero per la Comunicazione; Vatican City, VA (The Dicastery for Communication)

EPIC Radio Inc has a non-contractual, business relationship with the following organizations:
– Ave Maria Radio; Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA
– Redeemer Radio; South Bend, Indiana, USA
– St. Raphael Catholic Church; Raleigh, North Carolina, USA

EPIC Radio Inc maintains an ongoing development relationship with the following organizations:
– Fulcrum Strategies; Garner, North Carolina, USA
– St. Catherine of Siena Catholic Church; Wake Forest, North Carolina, USA

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