EUTEOTW: Thankworthiness to The Father

1806 itadicon



That we may walk worthy in Him

Fruitful ever bearing

The sanctified fern

A gracious limb


Partakers of inheritance

Light, sustenance breed

Partitioning to the saints brilliance

A regeneration from Adam’s seed


Delivered from the power

Of darkness, gray with musk

Translated into the Kingdom

Showering rays from dawn to dusk


Dear Son, droplets rained fawn

Blood splattered on the beam

Our bounded King

Our captured pawn


In Whom we are forgiven

Even the placated sins

Blood; violet in fury

Rage of mortal’s whims


In omnipotence,

Creation all created by Him

Through the invisible of visible

Thrones, for Him, by Him


And before all He stands

Consisting of all is by

The Church’s Head

Preeminent; firstborn of the dead


In graciousness to be

I worship in thanks

Reliving pleasing fullness

In the Apostle of the Saints


A day of purification

Cleansing to repentance

Debts paid to the Debtor

In Jesus I claimed forgiveness

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