On Catholics and Peace: Augustine and the Just War

EPIC RADIO HAS THE UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY TO ACQUIRE AN FM RADIO STATION IN WAKE FOREST.  HELP US GET IT ON THE AIR!  CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO. The next few post come from a project I worked on earlier this year detailing the history and concepts of Catholic peace theory.  I plan to release this … Continue reading On Catholics and Peace: Augustine and the Just War


“Theybies,” Gender, and Scripture

It's been a while since I made a Cultural Commentary post and usually they coincide with my finding an article about our increasingly secularized culture to comment on.  Today's is based on of a report from NBC News about two parents who have decided to raise children without telling them their gender.  More on this … Continue reading “Theybies,” Gender, and Scripture

An Independence Day Message

Yes, this is another post on how the "dogma should live loudly from within you."  But first, I want to tell you about our new podcast, In the Apostles' Doctrine with Matthew Pope.  Acts 2:42 says, "They spent their time in learning from the apostles, taking part in the fellowship, and sharing in the fellowship … Continue reading An Independence Day Message

A Letter from a Young Adult

What I've pasted below is a clipping of a letter from a young Catholic father of three.  It was posted on First Things website by Archbishop Charlse Chaput of Philidelphia.  What I've pasted is only an excerpt so I encourage you to check out the full article on First Things. We young people crave the … Continue reading A Letter from a Young Adult

The Coming of Easter

Hey everyone, sorry for the longer unexpected hiatus.  Things got busy there for a minute.  I also want to mention now that there will be some changes to the website coming soon.  We'll be rearranging things, but don't worry, it is all still there. I'm taking a break from the Cultural Commentary series today to … Continue reading The Coming of Easter

Gentlemen: Let’s Change the Culture

We are living in a world where our values and beliefs are constantly coming under  attack; I talked about this in detail in my last post.  Today, I want to address our male readers.  The world is filled with impure images and cheap sex, something of which we are told to avoid, and rightly so.  … Continue reading Gentlemen: Let’s Change the Culture