The Religious Left

Today’s post coincides with a story on the most recent episode of the Last Week Podcast. You can hear the original story from the show by clicking here. Rev. William Barber spoke at the 2016 Democrat National Convention about how Hillary Clinton and the Democrat party had the morals and values that our country holdsContinue reading “The Religious Left”

Advent Reflections – Week 1

Before I get on with the post, I wanted to mention something.  We’ve noticed that lots of people read our blog and listen to our podcast, but very few people subscribe to our blog by email or follow us on Facebook or Instagram.  I would very much appreciate it if you were to do so. Continue reading “Advent Reflections – Week 1”

The Mass isn’t Boring

Its a common critique among young Catholics and often used as an excuse for not going to mass.  “It is boring.”  Well that depends on why you’re there.  I’ll be talking about that now on EPIC Radio’s blog. It is a common critique among Catholics, young Catholics especially.  To a certain extent, I can understandContinue reading “The Mass isn’t Boring”