Red Herrings and Applause Lines

Thursday, the Michigan Attorney General Danna Nessel (Democrat) held a press conference on a very important topic. Unfortunately it is a topic that has become applause lines for those against us and shame and determination to right the issue for those with us. That is, sexual abuse within the Church. Myself, as well as theContinue reading “Red Herrings and Applause Lines”

Mary, Mother of the Church

Monday, the 21st of May, marked the first celebration of the feast day Mary, Mother of the Church.  Pope Francis added this feast to the Roman calendar for the Monday after Pentecost every year. Pope Francis stated that he hopes this feast will “encourage the growth of the maternal sense of the Church in theContinue reading “Mary, Mother of the Church”

Pope Francis’ TED Talk

“Only by educating people to a true solidarity will we be able to overcome the ‘culture of waste,’ Which concerns … the people who are cast aside by our techno-economic systems which, without even realizing it, are now putting products at their core, instead of people,” the Pope said in the papacy’s first ever TED Talk.