Denying Ourselves

When we were baptized, we died to our old selves and were reborn in Christ. Teresa Pillifant explains what it means to die to ourselves.


Mary, Mother of the Church

Monday, the 21st of May, marked the first celebration of the feast day Mary, Mother of the Church.  Pope Francis added this feast to the Roman calendar for the Monday after Pentecost every year. Pope Francis stated that he hopes this feast will "encourage the growth of the maternal sense of the Church in the … Continue reading Mary, Mother of the Church

Bringing God Into Our Daily Lives

My day often consists of prayer, classes, work, talking to friends, meals, and homework. With so much going, it is easy for me to compartmentalize my day so that each task is separate from the next. Nothing is wrong with this, except for when I compartmentalize God and my prayer to specific times of day. … Continue reading Bringing God Into Our Daily Lives