“Love Saves Lives”

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Last week, I had the special opportunity this year to travel with Students for Life of Michigan to the 45th annual March for Life in our nation’s capital.  Having been a few times in the past, I can say that this  year saw the most people that I had ever seen at the March.  It filled my heart with joy to see so many people standing up for the unborn.  I am also aware that our own Gloria and Brianna DeMoura were present as well.

45th annual march for life 2018 washington dc pro life anti abortion

One of the greatest moments from the March was during the rally, when Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) got up and spoke of his support for the March.  He did have a tough job though, his speech came right after the President’s.

This year was the first time ever a sitting President of the United States has addressed the March live via video.  Last year Vice President Mike Pense was there, and previously other presidents had sent pre-recorded messages or addressed the March via phone.  Never before, though, has a President addressed the March live.

Despite what you might be hearing the mainstream media, the culture in the United States is changing.  After seeing the amount of people at the March for Life last week (especially young people, like our listeners), I have a renewed hope our country.  I have a new hope that our government will uphold the sanctity of human life, by ending abortion, euthinasia, and the death penalty.

There was a stark contrast last weekend in Washington.  The March for Life, on Friday, campaigned with the slogan “Love Saves Lives.”  But a day later another march took place protesting our pro-life president and the pro-life congress.  I can assure you (as an eyewitness) that the March for Life saw a much, much larger attendence than the latter protest.


Regardless of your view of how this president acted during the campaign or while in office, with the life issue, this president has a good track record for his first year in office.  He has renacted the Mexico City Policy (banning non-governmental organizations from promoting or facilitating abortions), he has repealed the HHS Mandate (requiring all companies and organizations, like Little Sisters of the Poor, to cover contraceptives under their insurance), and he has signed the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act (banning abortions after twenty weeks).  Our government and president are making good progress on the life issue.

But, the fight is not over.  As I wrote in October, we cannot settle on these small victories.  While they are good, we have not  yet suceeded at our ultimate goal: the outlaw of all abortions, euthinasia, and the death penalty.  We must continue to pray that we will see victory in our lifetime and pray that the hearts and minds of those in government will change to protect life and to protect human dignity.


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