EUTEOTW: Renewal of Time

  Oh Merciful Father, In the absence of my goodness I entreated myself to commit sin. Moments spent in affliction, I did not regard Your infinite grace. Rather, I partook of the temptations weighed upon my soul by the evil one. My life reflected the regret of my actions and even in the midst ofContinue reading “EUTEOTW: Renewal of Time”

EUTEOTW: Whom Shall I Send?

  “Then said I; Here am I, send me…” _____________________________________ In the womb was I molded Fearfully and wonderfully made Created with the likeness of God Born to wrestle with the sinful wage ______________________________________ And out of adolescents I survived Battered from failings of my own But promised a better life Beyond my imprisoned throneContinue reading “EUTEOTW: Whom Shall I Send?”

EUTEOTW: Heart Unspeakable

The commonly heard moniker is the trust one should have in the silent witness of God. Therefore, we are urged to persistently make our requests known unto God (Philippians 4:6). Despite the stillness of The Father (albeit Psalm 46:10), our silence personally has arisen. There are pains and torments that paralyze the soul so tremendously,Continue reading “EUTEOTW: Heart Unspeakable”

EUTEOTW: Illustrious Deceiver

    You deceive me kindly Wretched beast of the fold But know not what is written? What is not revealed will unfold All the treacheries Vanities you impart Will be counted for a measure Upon your frivolous heart But wherefore you lead May the line be thin Walking on a bounty Of the murderousContinue reading “EUTEOTW: Illustrious Deceiver”

EUTEOTW: The Son Is Coming

    In reconciliation, reparation Through consecration and desperation In elevation, even demonstration The Son is Coming In a glorious appearing Through the rays of the clouds Beyond visitation Higher than structural towers The Son is Coming In Message or codes Parables that be In the imagination of believers Come to set us free TheContinue reading “EUTEOTW: The Son Is Coming”

EUTEOTW: It Shall Be Done Unto You

The second poem to be released by Even Unto The End Of The World, this work accompanies the second episode of “In The Apostles’ Doctrine,” which bears the same name.

It is a poetic work dedicated to asking in faith of those things that God would graciously give us as His children, specifically in Jesus’ Name.