EUTEOTW: Whom Shall I Send?

1804fb cover epic


“Then said I; Here am I, send me…”


In the womb was I molded

Fearfully and wonderfully made

Created with the likeness of God

Born to wrestle with the sinful wage


And out of adolescents I survived

Battered from failings of my own

But promised a better life

Beyond my imprisoned throne


In confines and spaces

The capsules and chambers

My God predestined language

That would bless my heart with the Savior


And rising from the crypt

As Jesus the Son of Man

I became a new creature

Petitioned to the Great I AM


And though personal sin

Slithers like the serpent it loves

My soul is shielded from death

Certified with the Creator’s love


And does my calling lure me

Well with my soul it is

The hope of fate in God

His will be done; mine and His


And lo, He is with me,

Even unto the end

He summoned my destiny

So that He could send


My lips did proclaim

Here am I, send me

Into all the world, my Jesus

The Light for the blind to see


Into the faraway lands

And to the distant nations

Let me hearken to You

Establish invitations


Gather the dissenting masses

Into the fold flock them close

Bless me with an irrefutable doctrine

Refuse not the Holy Ghost


Send me to the seas

Oceans parting with crests

Upon ships, vessels, and rafts

Be it East or West


In the forested terrains

Groves and tunnels underground

I pray that I minister

To where resistant souls abound


In the alleys and public venues

Of decaying countries find me

Biblically counseling

With apocalyptic speed


The axis of the planet

And even the galactic hosts

I beseech Thee that I may preach

Alone with the cross I boast


And I myself turned

Observing those as friends

My God peered inside

Anticipation over when


The Lord said,

Who may it be?

And I replied,

Here am I, send me

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