EUTEOTW: Is It Not Him?

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Is it not Jesus?

The One who made all things

Is it not Christ?

The Priest over all that breathes

Is it not The Messiah?

Who rebuilt the temple in three days

Is it not The King?

Who will return one day

Is it not The Lamb?

Who gave His life on the Cross

Is it not The Lion?

Who can save those who are lost

Is it not The Nazarene?

Who was a figure outside of time

Is it not The Rabbi?

Who was bound in order to die

Is it not The Lord?

Who is with the Father in Heaven

Is it not The Son of Man?

Who gave the bread unleavened

Is it not The Holy One?

Who provided Himself

Is it not The Son of God?

Who broke down the gates of hell

Is it not The Most High?

Who is One of Three

Is it not The Redeemer?

Who set all slaves to sin free

Is it not The Truth?

Who said that “I AM.”

Is it not The Master?

Who sits at the right hand

Is it not The Alpha?

Who is the First and the Last

Is it not The Omega?

Who sees all things pass

Is it not The Son of David?

Who offers life eternal

Is it not The Son of Mary?

Who changes the heart internal

Is it not The Good Shepherd?

Who wrote in the sand

Is it not The King of the Jews?

The fully divine fully human

Is it not The Bishop of Souls?

Who saved us at His death

Is it not The New Adam?

Who paid for our insurmountable debt

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1 thought on “EUTEOTW: Is It Not Him?

  1. Yes, it is the Christ, the Son of God who is all those things…yes.


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