EUTEOTW: Gethsemane

itad bug white




I bowed my knees proper

And lonely I drained the basin

My sweat beaded hastily

All stress endued by Satan


And the path broken; shattered

No return to the Eden before

Dimness of light on all corners

The perseverance higher; the intensity the storm


My tears as blood dripping

Sorrow in a cup running over

It is but chastening by my Lord

I am brittle; brushed asunder


The dawn of Calvary bled

Minutes, if not hours premature

For the anguish tethered my soul

To the heart did mercilessness incur


Battered by demons; rotted

A carcass no man would touch

I lunged to that cross; fallen

Into the hands of God I submitted my trust



And now glorify Thy Son

With the glory that was revealed

Categories Blog, Even Unto the End of the World

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