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The Christmas episodes of In the Apostles’ Doctrine are available now! Download on iTunes and Google Play.

In the Apostles’ Doctrine with Matthew Pope is a podcast, produced by EPIC Radio for MatthewPope28.  This program aims to be a publication of truth centered in Jesus Sanctifier, who prayed to God that the world would be made holy through The Holy Word.  It is also centered on the theme of describing, discussing, and sending out word concerning the posts written and shared through Even Unto The End Of The World.  Our prayer in totality is that this series will enlighten minds with The Lord’s life and fill hearts with The Spirit of God’s Presence, throughout the ages.

You can listen to In the Apostles’ Doctrine with Matthew Pope on these great Catholic radio stations:

bac radio

Would you like to get In the Apostles Doctrine on your radio station? Let us know!

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